Communities in Niagara

The Regional Municipality of Niagara (Niagara Region) is made up of 12 local municipalities. Each of these is made up of many smaller cities, towns, villages, and boroughs. Combined, these communities make for a very diverse Niagara Region. Here is a map of Niagara's 12 communities:

Niagara communities map

For more information on these 12 municipalities, follow the links or call the phone numbers listed below. Some municipalities provide services and assistance to help you move to and settle in their community. All municipalities provide services to residents. If you'd like to explore Niagara Region's communities, visit the Niagara Tourism website for more information.

Fort Erie

Visit Fort Erie's website
Or call 905-871-1600


Visit Grimsby's website
Or call 905-945-9634


Visit Lincoln's website
Or call 905-563-8205

Niagara Falls

Visit Niagara Falls' website
Or call 905-356-7521


Visit Niagara-on-the-Lake's website
Or call 905-468-3266


Visit Pelham's website
Or call 905-892-2607

Port Colborne

Visit Port Colborne's website
Or call 905-835-2900

St. Catharines

Visit St. Catharines' website
Or call 905-688-5600


Visit Thorold's website
Or call 905-227-6613


Visit Wainfleet's website
Or call 905-899-3463


Visit Welland's website
Or call 905-735-1700

West Lincoln

Visit West Lincoln's website
Or call 905-957-3346

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